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How is Travel Portal API XML Integration Beneficial?


In order to have a prominent online presence, every travel portal needs to develop an interactive API (Application Program Interface). If you also like to have an interactive API, then you should consider taking some extra measures. After all, this would be used by your customers to access your services and interact with you on a daily basis. These days, most of the travel portals integrate an XML based API. It stands for Extensible Markup Language and encodes a document which can be read by both, machines as well as humans. Based on free open standards, it is used to write and send information across different computers. After having API XML integration with your travel platform, you can easily manage your portal. It can provide the following benefits to your travel portal: Cross-platform support Since XML doesn’t depend on a single platform, it can be accessed by users on different devices and systems in a seamless way. It can also fetch information from your back-end database, even if it has a different structure. Consider the XML integration as a translator that supports tons of programming languages and formats. Needless to say, it can readily be used to create travel portals…


8 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Travel Club with Social Media

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In today’s competitive marketplace, almost every major brand is taking the assistance of social media to reach out to their audience instantly. Various travel clubs and businesses are already using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more to generate new leads and maintain a distinctive brand presence. If utilized wisely, social media can be your biggest marketing weapon in the long run. All you got to do is follow these expert suggestions. Focus on every platform individually Let’s face it – you can’t be active on every social media platform. Instead of investing so much time, handpick the platforms that would appeal to your audience the most. It is observed that over 95% of adults (aged 18-34) are likely to follow a brand on social media (source). To start with, you can be active on popular mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Later, you can simply measure your ROI and distinguish your audience from one medium to another. Don’t have the same style of content for every platform. Try to come up with unique campaigns for every medium that would resonate with your audience. Run dedicated contests If you wish to make your followers your brand ambassadors on social media,…


Implement these Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Club

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In the membership driven economy, it can be a little tedious to run a successful travel club. These days, most of the leading travel portals are coming up with new ideas to lure more customers. Nevertheless, the kind of dedicated services and exciting offers that a travel club provides can’t be compared with any run of the mill travel website. If you own a travel club, then try to implement these suggestions to attain a unique appeal. Know what your customers want Instead of assuming things, it is better to do your bit of research to understand what your customers want. Since it is a growing industry, one can easily go through pre-conducted surveys online regarding the preference of various travelers. For instance, most of the people believe that travelers like to save their hard-earned money while planning a vacation. While it is true, they are also ready to pay an extra amount to enjoy various value-added benefits. According to a survey, it has been discovered that more than 70% of travelers are willing to pay more to enjoy additional services (source). Offer personalized services Every individual likes to be treated differently. If you will walk an extra mile for your…


Announcing the Launch of our New Brand & Website – Custom Travel Solutions

Custom Travel Solutions

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new brand & website – Custom Travel Solutions. Custom Travel Solutions has consolidated all its operating brands- Custom Travel Clubs, Trip-Smart Travel Solutions, Putman Travel NC, Inc, Putman Travels Private Limited, and Travel Team Consulting under the Custom Travel Solutions brand name. As we look to the future, we are aware that the world of Travel Technology & Solutions is constantly evolving. To that end, we hope to continue to grow and evolve ourselves, as a trusted Travel Solutions provider on a local, national and global scale. We aim to expand our service portfolio whilst continuing to offer nothing but the highest standards of customer service to our clients, both existing and new. With this in mind, we thought it was about time our brand reflected our ambitions, and we have spent the past few weeks working to come up with a new brand identity. With all its services under one brand, Custom Travel Solutions is better positioned to provide comprehensive B2B travel solutions to its clients. Custom Travel Solutions offers a unique combination of specialized services including the most sophisticated travel technology, travel fulfilment services and user-friendly tools, travel…