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New Report on Vacation Rentals and the Sharing Economy

Vacation Rentals brief Whitepaper

Vacation rental property owners and managers have seen growth in awareness and reach, but they still lack branding power and value differentiation Travelers Rest, SC, USA – July 18, 2018– Custom Travel Solutions, the world’s leading provider of elite membership-based travel and lifestyle benefits, has published a new report called “Vacation Rentals in the Sharing Economy: How Property Owners and Managers Can Build their Brand & Revenue.” The report discusses how vacation rentals are being propelled from a network of “mom and pop” agencies to an industry driven by private equity firms, major hotel brands, online travel agencies (OTAs) and new travel technology platforms.  It also details how vacation rental owners and operators can differentiate their offering by leveraging the travel club concept. “The report will help anyone in the vacation rentals market understand how the sharing economy has changed the face of accommodations, and what they can do to seize the opportunity” said Mike Putman, CEO of Custom Travel Solutions. “Vacation rental companies must go beyond property listings and housekeeping – they need to proactively build their brand and enhance their value proposition in a global market.” Key topics covered in the report include: How private equity firms and global…


Introducing the Travel Club [Video]

Introducing the Travel Club… … in a 37-second video. One of the biggest challenges for any organization is keeping customers happy and loyal.  Consumers want added value above and beyond what they buy or pay for.  And few things have proven as appealing to consumers as offering a travel club.  With a travel club, your brand or organization can add new revenue from membership fees, strengthen loyalty, and ultimately, convert brand affinity into brand equity.  Curious to learn more and understand how it can apply to your business? Download our Travel Club report to learn more. 


Travel Clubs as a Member Engagement Strategy

Travel club as a Membership engagement strategy

Engaged customers fall into four categories – the buyers, the advocates, active engagers and loyal followers. Leveraging the myriad channels of communication and contact points is essential to help your travel business stand out and bring in more revenue.


Can Travel Clubs Replace Online Travel Agencies?

Can Travel Clubs Replace online travel agencies?

As the online travel industry underwent major changes, most of the major online travel agencies (OTAs) focused on the business aspects of their operations rather than customer experience.


How a Travel and Lifestyle Club Can Drive Revenue and Loyalty

The Travel Club Concept How a Travel and Lifestyle Club Can Drive Revenue and Loyalty

Those in travel businesses do realize that travel is an expensive and exotic commodity. A regular travel marketer will sell people air tickets or vacation packages, whereas travel clubs sell them dreams, adventure, experience, and memories.