Loyalty Program Strategies for Travel

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A happy customer is a loyal customer. If you wish to impress your customers and create a lasting relationship with them, then you have to walk an extra mile. One of the best ways to retain customers and turn them into your brand promoters is by offering them various exciting loyalty programs that can attract them. It is one of the best travel club solutions to create a distinctive appeal in the industry. While working on a loyalty program strategy, consider the following suggestions in mind and be sure to gain productive results out of it.


The Growing Demand for Travel Clubs

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Over the last few years, a drastic makeover can be seen in the international and domestic travel. Companies are pushing the envelope to provide unmatched benefits and features to their customers. It has also led to the growth of travel clubs of different kinds. From providing budget weekend getaways to luxurious holidays, travel clubs are all set to change the face of this multi-billion dollar industry. Here are some of the reasons that have boosted the need for travel clubs.


Why Subscription Based Companies Should Offer Travel Benefits Program

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Custom Travel Clubs, with it turn-key Travel Benefits Program, can assist you in acquiring new subscription customers and create an emotional connection with your new and existing customers and communicate in ways words cannot that they are truly valued and appreciated.


How Travel Benefits Program Can Help Employers

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Offer a unique benefit to your employees with our Travel Benefits Program. Under this program, your employees will not only get access to special discounts on business and leisure travel but many other exclusive benefits like 24/7 Personal Assistance, 24/7 access to Doctor Consultation while traveling, Airport Lounge Access etc. Custom Travel Clubs specializes in negotiating with top hotels and airlines through strategic partnerships. Our travel inventory includes some of the largest travel companies in the world to give your employees exclusive access to special discounts and deals.


How Travel Clubs Are Making Luxury Travel Affordable?

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The luxury travel trend is booming in leaps and bounds. Needless to say, travel clubs have been important drivers for luxury travel demand. They have made luxury travel affordable and available to the masses. Most U.S. travelers are the biggest consumers of this lucrative trend. According to a survey by Resonance, the wealthiest U.S. travelers (5% of the population) take an average of 14.3 trips in a year, half of which are for business and rest for leisure. Other US travelers, in general, take just 4.8 trips per year as compared to the wealthiest ones. This adds up to an approximate spending of $390 billion per year on leisure travel.


Rising Importance of Technology in Travel to Capture the New Online Consumer

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The digital revolution has changed the way we buy travel now. The new online travel consumer is smart and empowered. The use of technology is playing a key role in travel planning and the way consumers shop travel. With the growing internet penetration, it is obvious that travel companies need to keep reinventing themselves as per the needs of the consumers. Let us explain the rising importance of technology with these key findings –


Custom Travel Clubs – Travel Benefits Solution

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Custom Travel Clubs addresses the need of increasing loyalty for organizations and their constituents. Travel is the great equalizer, it’s the thing all people want more of.


Evolution of loyalty programs – What travel marketers must learn from it

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Travel market is ever-increasing and ever evolving just like its customers. Today’s consumers expect their brand to be highly personalized. And why wouldn’t they? With all the data available, both offline and online, they expect the travel brands to understand their preferences and choices. To better cater to their needs, travel club platforms have come up with several loyalty programs. In other words, travel clubs are the pioneers of such reward programs and have evolved completely to a business model.


How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

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Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend. The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse.


Why Are Travel Clubs Emerging as a Blessing for Solo Sojourners?

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Solo travel trend is on the rise. Earlier, vacation used to go hand in hand with family or group of friends. But thanks to the changing economy and the millennials’ trends, solo travel trend has been catching up for all good reasons. Traveling solo allows more freedom to the individual and a greater opportunity to experience something of value.