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Travel and Lifestyle Clubs: Benefits and Challenges for Non-Travel Businesses

Custom Travel Solutions Introduces the “Travel Club” Concept to Non-Travel Brands and Organizations

Many would argue that American Express and other card companies are really travel and lifestyle clubs at heart. Why would consumers pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees to use an Amex Platinum card, or thousands of dollars to use an Amex Centurion? The difference is in the benefits – each card offers certain elevated benefits (such as lounge access, or concierge services), and travelers will gladly pay a yearly subscription to access those benefits and be part of the brand. In the same way, travel clubs can add a sense of elite and exclusive value for members of any company or organization, inside or outside the travel industry, while increasing revenue from membership fees, attracting new members and strengthening brand affinity across the board. Here are a few question and answer topics to introduce non-travel businesses to the possibility that they could benefit in revenue, brand affinity and loyalty by offering a technology-based travel club, in partnership with Custom Travel Solutions… What is a travel club and why would a non-travel organization offer a travel club to its customers or members? For years, non-travel retailers have been using airlines’ frequent flyer programs to add value to their core businesses…