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Travel Marketing: Travel Clubs versus Online Travel Agencies

The top online travel agencies (OTAs) invest billions of dollars for one purpose – to get the right travel products to the right customers at the right time. Major OTAs like Expedia have been successful by creating multiple brands across different websites targeted to different audience segments. This has been a mixed blessing for airlines and other suppliers (they pay high fees to OTAs), but for regular consumers OTAs have been wildly popular. The reason is simple – OTAs make it easy to find fares online, search for hotel rooms, plan trips and so much more. The OTA value proposition isn’t limited to one category but meets every imaginable need for the connected traveler. The diversity of OTA brands proves how much opportunity there is to serve the needs of unique audiences online, and even non-travel brands and organizations can add new revenue and increase member loyalty through a travel club offering. Travel Clubs Outside the Travel Industry Credit unions, for example, often provide vacation loans to their members. For an additional subscription fee, credit unions could offer their members access to a private travel club online, where they could plan their flight and hotel at discounted rates, talk to…


Travel and Lifestyle Clubs: Benefits and Challenges for Non-Travel Businesses

Custom Travel Solutions Introduces the “Travel Club” Concept to Non-Travel Brands and Organizations

Many would argue that American Express and other card companies are really travel and lifestyle clubs at heart. Why would consumers pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees to use an Amex Platinum card, or thousands of dollars to use an Amex Centurion? The difference is in the benefits – each card offers certain elevated benefits (such as lounge access, or concierge services), and travelers will gladly pay a yearly subscription to access those benefits and be part of the brand. In the same way, travel clubs can add a sense of elite and exclusive value for members of any company or organization, inside or outside the travel industry, while increasing revenue from membership fees, attracting new members and strengthening brand affinity across the board. Here are a few question and answer topics to introduce non-travel businesses to the possibility that they could benefit in revenue, brand affinity and loyalty by offering a technology-based travel club, in partnership with Custom Travel Solutions… What is a travel club and why would a non-travel organization offer a travel club to its customers or members? For years, non-travel retailers have been using airlines’ frequent flyer programs to add value to their core businesses…


Custom Travel Solutions Introduces the “Travel Club” Concept to Non-Travel Brands and Organizations

Custom Travel Solutions Introduces the “Travel Club” Concept to Non-Travel Brands and Organizations

Travel clubs help drive customer acquisition, new revenue streams, stronger loyalty and more brand equity. Travelers Rest, SC, USA – May 22, 2018– Custom Travel Solutions, the world’s leading provider of elite membership-based travel and lifestyle benefits, has published a new report, “The Travel Club Concept: Revenue & Loyalty for Non-Travel Brands and Membership-Based Organizations.” The report discusses how travel clubs can help drive revenue and loyalty for non-travel brands and organizations, including alumni clubs, banks, credit unions, frequent flyer programs, employee groups, network marketing companies, retailers, shared interest clubs and more. “The travel club concept presents a unique business case for any company or organization that wants to increase revenue and strengthen loyalty with their customers or members.” said Mike Putman, CEO of Custom Travel Solutions. “Almost every consumer aspires to travel, and non-travel businesses are recognizing an immense need and unconventional opportunity to leverage the universal appeal of travel and the high perceived value of travel and lifestyle benefits to supplement their core missions.”


How to Achieve Employee Retention and Satisfaction with Travel Clubs

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Human Resource is the most vital component of any organization. If your firm would like to attain long-term employee satisfaction and retention, then you need to think out of the box. Most of the employees make a switch because of the lack of recognition for their work or its monotony. Needless to say, by providing perks related to travel, you can certainly win them over. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing travel club to your workforce. It will help you achieve better employee retention and satisfaction in the following ways. Premium business travel There are numerous job profiles in which business travel is considered as an evident role. It has been reported that around 87% of the working professionals believe that the quality of their corporate travel directly impacts the outcome of their trips (source). Therefore, if you want your employees to attain better results while traveling, then consult a travel club to provide various benefits to them. Reward points that are easy to use The Rewards and Recognition program of any firm plays a vital role in letting employees know how much they are being valued. Though, most of the organizations often provide the kind…


Move beyond Social Media: Market your Travel Club with these 6 Alternatives

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These days, almost every major brand is on social media, which has made these platforms quite noisy. While digital marketing is still considered as one of the most effective ways to reach out to a wider range of audience in less time, marketers are looking for its alternatives as well. If you want your travel club to stay a few steps ahead of its competitors, then you need to move beyond social media. Simply read this informative post and learn about six effective alternatives to social media marketing. Referral programs Even in the present digital age, referral programs are considered as one of the best ways to market a product or service. According to a report, around 65% of the new businesses come from referrals (source). Provide various offers to the existing members of your clubs and encourage them to refer the travel club membership to their friends and family. In this way, they would be able to earn credit scores, access premium services, and so on while you can get more members for your travel club. Create informative content If you wish to be taken seriously by your audience, then you need to develop a niche. This can be…


The Integration of Healthcare with Travel


Both healthcare and travel are considered as some of the most vital service-based sectors of the present time. Needless to say, their integration can yield fruitful results for any travel club. These days, travelers like to take added measures related to healthcare services. The inclusion of these premium features can certainly help any travel club benefits program to get more leads. In this post, you will learn how both, travel and healthcare can be integrated and how it will benefit your travel club. How to integrate healthcare with travel? Currently, the global travel industry has a GDP of over $7.6 trillion, which is only going to rise in the coming years (source). Similarly, healthcare is also considered as one of the most crucial sectors in the world. It is expected that the healthcare industry will cross an expenditure of over $8.7 trillion by 2020 (source). Since healthcare holds such a vital importance, it can be integrated with other service-based domains like travel. The present membership driven economy has brought a much-needed revolution in the travel sector. If you wish to run one of the best travel clubs, then you need to provide new and exciting features to your members. This…


How Travel Clubs Can Help Families Plan a Budget Trip

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Travel clubs have certainly come a long way in the last few years. Since they provide exclusive services to their customers, it helps them plan an affordable vacation in less time. Even though millennials and corporate travelers are considered vital audiences for travel clubs, one should not overlook families and senior citizens as well. If you manage a travel club, then you should certainly cater your services while keeping families in mind. By focusing on these parameters, your travel club membership program can help them plan their vacation on a budget. Families are already looking for membership loyalty programs This might surprise you, but most of the individuals out there who like to travel are already looking for travel club solutions. For instance, around one-third of American families are planning to take a vacation this year (source). This makes it a vital market that should not be overlooked. Exclusive hotel deals Most of the people look for deals and offers online while booking their accommodation. This is exactly where travel club solutions can help their customers. Lots of travel clubs provide exclusive hotel discounts. In this way, families can make their bookings at a cheaper price.  Vacation rentals and homestays…


The Evolution of Corporate Travel and Why It Should be Integrated with Travel Clubs

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Every year, millions of professionals travel for work the world over. Since it is an ever-changing industry, it also has an evident impact on the corporate travel sector as well.  To make it easier for its employees to travel freely for work, firms make an added effort. This includes integration with travel clubs and the inclusion of third-party vendors. In this post, you will learn how corporate travel has evolved over the years and why it should be integrated with travel clubs. How is the culture of corporate travel getting evolved? Gone are the days when business trips were solely related to work. These days, almost every major firm wants to attain maximum employee retention. This can be done by providing added benefits to its workforce. Since almost every individual likes to travel, firms all over the world have started making their mundane corporate travel programs pretty interesting. To do so, they usually collaborate with travel membership programs providers. Besides making it easier for employees to travel, it also provides a multitude of value added travel benefits. Not just that, most of the leading firms out there also like to integrate a travel club with their existing model. Benefits of…


Why Banking and Financial Institutes Should Offer A Travel Club?

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The banking and financial sector has seen a drastic change in the last decade. With the increase in competition, banking institutes need to walk an extra mile to get more leads. One of the best ways to do it is by including an exclusive travel club for its customers. By providing some of the best travel club benefits, your firm can also be a leader in the banking sector. Here are some thoughtful reasons why a banking institute should include a travel club: It takes advantage of an emerging sector Travel and tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world with a GDP of more than $7.6 trillion (source). This makes around 10% of the world’s total GDP. Therefore, by getting associated with an emerging economy, your bank will only be benefited in the long run. For instance, the banking institute can provide several travel benefits and loans for its customers and gain more profit from it. It builds a niche in the market Currently, there are only a handful of banking or financial institutes with a connected travel club. By building a travel club, you can provide various solutions under your name. This will create…


Major Corporate Travel Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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Corporate travel is no longer solely associated with business or work. To let employees have a hassle-free experience while traveling, plenty of multinationals are coming up with revolutionary corporate travel ideas. Not just to help various organizations save big on their travel budget, there are a plethora of travel clubs that are providing solutions for corporate trips to be luxurious than ever. With the growing expectations as well as technological progression, a drastic shift in corporate travel has been seen. Here’s our prediction for a few major corporate trends that are going to make waves in 2017. The integration of Artificial Intelligence Although there are AI-enabled assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to book tickets, their features are only going to expand in the coming days. With the integration of various third-party services, your AI assistant will help you manage your upcoming corporate travel plans in one place. Not just to prepare your itinerary, it will also help you book flights, cabs, and keep your schedule handy while traveling. Exclusive corporate stays During any corporate trip, people want to be at the top of their game. An exclusive corporate stay can make it happen while giving an opportunity to meet…