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Travel and Lifestyle Clubs: Benefits and Challenges for Non-Travel Businesses

Custom Travel Solutions Introduces the “Travel Club” Concept to Non-Travel Brands and Organizations

Many would argue that American Express and other card companies are really travel and lifestyle clubs at heart. Why would consumers pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees to use an Amex Platinum card, or thousands of dollars to use an Amex Centurion? The difference is in the benefits – each card offers certain elevated benefits (such as lounge access, or concierge services), and travelers will gladly pay a yearly subscription to access those benefits and be part of the brand. In the same way, travel clubs can add a sense of elite and exclusive value for members of any company or organization, inside or outside the travel industry, while increasing revenue from membership fees, attracting new members and strengthening brand affinity across the board. Here are a few question and answer topics to introduce non-travel businesses to the possibility that they could benefit in revenue, brand affinity and loyalty by offering a technology-based travel club, in partnership with Custom Travel Solutions… What is a travel club and why would a non-travel organization offer a travel club to its customers or members? For years, non-travel retailers have been using airlines’ frequent flyer programs to add value to their core businesses…


How Travel Clubs Can Sell an Experience to their Members

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Travel is one of the most valuable and unforgettable experiences in the world. After all, how many of you remember the time spent while working in an office cubicle. Though, you would always remember the details of a family trip or a solo expedition. This is one of the many reasons why travelers are willing to walk an extra mile to gain unforgettable experiences. As a travel club, you can meet their demands and make their vacation a memorable one. These suggestions will help you convert traveling into a memorable experience for your members. Always provide personalized services To start with, you should think from the perspective of your club members. Instead of buying any standard travel package, they have taken a travel club membership. They expect to get a tailor-made experience by planning their vacation as per their needs. Therefore, you should not give them a chance to regret by providing customized and easy to use services. According to Google, 69% of travelers are loyal to a travel company because it lets them personalize their vacation (source). If you wish to sell an experience to your members, then you should have flexible policies. Also, allow them to plan their…


The Integration of Healthcare with Travel


Both healthcare and travel are considered as some of the most vital service-based sectors of the present time. Needless to say, their integration can yield fruitful results for any travel club. These days, travelers like to take added measures related to healthcare services. The inclusion of these premium features can certainly help any travel club benefits program to get more leads. In this post, you will learn how both, travel and healthcare can be integrated and how it will benefit your travel club. How to integrate healthcare with travel? Currently, the global travel industry has a GDP of over $7.6 trillion, which is only going to rise in the coming years (source). Similarly, healthcare is also considered as one of the most crucial sectors in the world. It is expected that the healthcare industry will cross an expenditure of over $8.7 trillion by 2020 (source). Since healthcare holds such a vital importance, it can be integrated with other service-based domains like travel. The present membership driven economy has brought a much-needed revolution in the travel sector. If you wish to run one of the best travel clubs, then you need to provide new and exciting features to your members. This…


How Travel Clubs Can Help Families Plan a Budget Trip

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Travel clubs have certainly come a long way in the last few years. Since they provide exclusive services to their customers, it helps them plan an affordable vacation in less time. Even though millennials and corporate travelers are considered vital audiences for travel clubs, one should not overlook families and senior citizens as well. If you manage a travel club, then you should certainly cater your services while keeping families in mind. By focusing on these parameters, your travel club membership program can help them plan their vacation on a budget. Families are already looking for membership loyalty programs This might surprise you, but most of the individuals out there who like to travel are already looking for travel club solutions. For instance, around one-third of American families are planning to take a vacation this year (source). This makes it a vital market that should not be overlooked. Exclusive hotel deals Most of the people look for deals and offers online while booking their accommodation. This is exactly where travel club solutions can help their customers. Lots of travel clubs provide exclusive hotel discounts. In this way, families can make their bookings at a cheaper price.  Vacation rentals and homestays…


How to Target Millennials to Join Your Travel Club

Recently, millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the biggest demographics in the United States (source). Unlike other generations, millennials have a different set of priorities. For instance, they travel more often and would like to attain a perfect work-life balance instead of being overly career driven. If you own a travel club, then targeting millennials should be the top-most priority of your marketing strategy. Here are some foolproof ways to gain more leads related to this young and dynamic generation. Change your traditional marketing model If you wish to target millennials, then you need to think of something new and out of the box. This can’t be done by sticking with your traditional marketing model. These days, travel clubs are coming up with viral campaigns that are solely dedicated to millennials. This can be done by running exclusive offers, last-minute deals, developing a loyalty program, providing cashback, and more. Be active on social media Social media is undoubtedly the easiest and the best way to reach out to your audience. For instance, more than 80% of millennials check their Twitter account at least once a day (source). Therefore, if you wish to reach out to millennials, then you need to…


Major Corporate Travel Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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Corporate travel is no longer solely associated with business or work. To let employees have a hassle-free experience while traveling, plenty of multinationals are coming up with revolutionary corporate travel ideas. Not just to help various organizations save big on their travel budget, there are a plethora of travel clubs that are providing solutions for corporate trips to be luxurious than ever. With the growing expectations as well as technological progression, a drastic shift in corporate travel has been seen. Here’s our prediction for a few major corporate trends that are going to make waves in 2017. The integration of Artificial Intelligence Although there are AI-enabled assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to book tickets, their features are only going to expand in the coming days. With the integration of various third-party services, your AI assistant will help you manage your upcoming corporate travel plans in one place. Not just to prepare your itinerary, it will also help you book flights, cabs, and keep your schedule handy while traveling. Exclusive corporate stays During any corporate trip, people want to be at the top of their game. An exclusive corporate stay can make it happen while giving an opportunity to meet…


Why Membership Based Organizations Need to Integrate Travel Club Benefits

Some of the most successful and fastest growing organizations worldwide are driven by its members. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone likes to access exclusive benefits in seconds, which has caused a rapid growth in the membership driven economy. To gain more leads, organizations offer a plethora of benefits to its members. Out of all the provided features, it has been observed that travel club benefits yield an exceptional ROI. To assist you, several thoughtful suggestions have been listed for membership driven organizations to integrate dedicated travel club benefits right here. Travel benefit programs have a universal appeal Who doesn’t like to travel, right? Since it is something that appeals to every kind of individual, it opens a lot of new doors for an organization. While providing various travel benefits, your firm can certainly attract plenty of leads. Customers prefer brands with loyalty programs Before joining membership of any brand, customers always look for the kind of loyalty programs it has to offer. For instance, it is observed that 41% of millennials, 58% of Gen X, and 74% of Baby Boomers prefer a brand with a loyalty program (source). It leads to customer satisfaction Every organization likes to achieve customer satisfaction…


Implement these Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Club

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In the membership driven economy, it can be a little tedious to run a successful travel club. These days, most of the leading travel portals are coming up with new ideas to lure more customers. Nevertheless, the kind of dedicated services and exciting offers that a travel club provides can’t be compared with any run of the mill travel website. If you own a travel club, then try to implement these suggestions to attain a unique appeal. Know what your customers want Instead of assuming things, it is better to do your bit of research to understand what your customers want. Since it is a growing industry, one can easily go through pre-conducted surveys online regarding the preference of various travelers. For instance, most of the people believe that travelers like to save their hard-earned money while planning a vacation. While it is true, they are also ready to pay an extra amount to enjoy various value-added benefits. According to a survey, it has been discovered that more than 70% of travelers are willing to pay more to enjoy additional services (source). Offer personalized services Every individual likes to be treated differently. If you will walk an extra mile for your…


Key Travel Trends Impacting the Digital Experience in 2016

Travel trends

Do you remember the last time you booked a flight ticket through a travel agent? Well, most people don’t. But that doesn’t alter the fact that technology has an indispensable role to play in the future of travel. The travel industry is constantly innovating new ideas and concepts to offer a pleasant experience to the travelers across various social and digital channels. The digital occurrence in the travel industry is expanding its horizons with each passing day. Take, for instance, drone photography or virtual tours. The digital world is continuously changing the way we move, travel, stay and see places.


How is Millennial Trend Shifting and Shaping Travel


Millennials love to travel whenever they can. They don’t view travel as a luxury but a necessity. According to the stats, they travel more than business travelers – about 4.7 times each year. Millennials have spent 20% more on travel in 2014 than the previous year and it is increasing. They are spending roughly $200 billion yearly on their travels. (Source)